Pope Francis has today confirmed that Facebooklikes‘ are marginally better than prayers when it comes to offering them in support of a worthwhile cause.

Speaking from his luxury home in the Vatican, the Supreme Pontiff was asked whether Facebook memes of children with cancer, containing text such as “1 like = 1 prayer“, were actually any use in helping cure the child’s cancer.

The Pope confirmed that not only were they of use, they were in fact better than prayers. The Pope commented:


Unlike prayers, which cannot be seen, likes are visible to everyone and are therefore more effective.

The Pope, after checking his Facebook messages and posting a quick Instagram, continued.

I’m not suggesting you couldn’t also pray. It couldn’t hurt. But likes on Facebook are definitely better.

The controversial statement from the Pope is expected to cause debate among the Cardinals, who still insist that MySpace is preferable to Facebook. The Cardinals exited Facebook in droves when the ability to ‘poke’ someone was removed.

The Cardinals also disagree with Facebook’s minimum age policy of thirteen years old.

Cardinal Richelieu, of France, commented:

To suggest that one like is greater than one prayer is heresy. At best it is equal. One for all, you might say.


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