YOLO has returned from 2011 to tell Momo to Fuck Off, it has been confirmed.

YOLO, which means You Only Live Once and was coined because people are too stupid to understand ‘carpe diem’, was a ‘thing’ nearly 10 years when it was introduced by rapper Drake. Idiots embraced the idea, branding their bodies with YOLO tattoos, spraying YOLO graffiti and generally pretending they were ‘edgy’ because they liked to do things.

YOLO eventually died off when people realised it was shit. However now, in 2019, YOLO has returned to tell new internet craze Momo to F.O.


YOLO returned yesterday morning and confronted Momo online, telling the suicide-pact hoax to literally ‘do one’. This anticipated meeting of the great crazes proved something of a let down, as Momo got on its bike and indeed fucked off as YOLO instructed.

We’re now not expected to see or hear from Momo again, else YOLO will smash its fucking face in.

The bad news is that YOLO will be around for a few more months until some other bollocks replaces it. At the Chester Bugle offices we’ve been bulk buying POGO sticks lately, so you know what we’re backing.


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