British Schoolgirl, Shamima Begum, has been told by the UK’s gammons to remain on the International Space Station.

Shamima left the UK in 2015, from her home in London. According to the nation’s gammons this was to live on the International Space Station, which is currently orbiting the earth. The International Space Station is also known as the ISS.

Shamima has now revealed she wants to return to the UK, which has riled the gammons and caused them to take to social media.


One gammon, Richard Smith, took to Twitter to state how he is really pissed off that Shamima now wants to return to earth from the ISS. He tweeted:

Another Gammon tweeted a question for his gammon followers to answer, on whether or not Shamima should be allowed to return to earth from the ISS.

It’s not yet known at this stage whether or not Shamima will be allowed to return from the ISS, or quite why the gammons are so annoyed she’s there in the first place. More information as we receive it.


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