Some light snowfall in certain areas of the UK, including Ellesmere Port and Chester, has resulted in increased smugness levels from 4×4 drivers.

The smugness of 4×4 drivers is usually very high at the best of times, as they apply the ‘go anywhere’ aspect of the 4×4 to their attitude to parking – choosing street corners, pavements and zebra crossings as places to leave their vehicle. During any sort of light snow, however, 4×4 drivers turn into unbearable arseholes.

This morning saw some light snow on the ground as the UK emerged from its slumber, prompting 4×4 owners across the country to head out onto the roads even if they didn’t actually have anywhere to go.


Social media was filled with the smug pricks uploading photos of their unnecessarily large vehicles, accompanied with slogans such as ‘the snow’s no match for this beast’ or ‘I pity two-wheel drive car owners today’.


Some 4×4 morons spent several hours this morning driving up and down steep hills laughing at other motorists whose cars weren’t managing the task with quite so much ease.

Once the snow melts, it is believed that 4×4 owners will go back to being just moderately smug bastards.


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