It was today confirmed that annoying fat head, Piers Morgan, is still a cunt.

Rumours were circulating online yesterday that the argumentative tosspot was no longer a cunt, but these rumours were never substantiated.

However, this morning experts were able to verify that Morgan, despite claims to the contrary, is indeed a cunt. Anyone who believes Morgan is no longer a cunt is wrong, it has been confirmed.


The minor TV celebrity and self-worshipped Twitter troll, Morgan, spends every waking hour proclaiming his faux outrage about things he doesn’t really care about. According to experts, the prick does this to deflect the public’s attention away from real issues such as war, homelessness, racism and politics. This, it has been confirmed, makes him a cunt.

Morgan has recently been pretending to be annoyed about vegetarians, sausage rolls and TV commercials for shaving equipment – all the while demonstrating what an absolutely massive cunt he is.

The cunt has also spent his days arguing with celebrities and politicians, insisting he knows better than them at their fields of expertise. According to the fat cunt, he knows more about football than a World Cup Golden Boot winner, and more about politics than a US Senator.

More news on Piers Morgan being a cunt as we get it.


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