Arsenal’s latest humiliating defeat has brought the country together in its dislike of famed moron, Piers Morgan.

The defeat for Arsenal has sparked the interest of both football fans, and non-football fans, as the chance to mock Piers Morgan proves too much to pass up. Even fans of Arsenal themselves have found it too tempting not to dive in and mock the fat-headed bastard via his chosen medium of annoyance, Twitter.

Piers, naturally, has taken the unified mockery directed towards him in the usual tasteless manner by picking up on one or two spelling mistakes and replying with “you’re not your” or “cockwomble not cockwhombal”.


The manner of this latest Arsenal defeat was made all the sweeter by Piers’ fierce lambasting of his own players, and questioning their commitment to the shirts as though he himself were an Arsenal legend with 500 Premier League games under his belt. Of course he isn’t, he’s a fat minor TV celebrity who gets an erection every time he corrects someone’s grammar.

The defeat allowed the whole of the UK to join together in scenes reminiscent of the 2012 London Olympics, or the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Friends, neighbours, supporters of rival teams and people not even interested in sport were able to find common ground in their mockery of that smug, talentless twat.


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