Figures released by emotional support charity, The Samaritans, show that the BBC ‘comedy’ Mrs Brown’s Boys was responsible for the second highest number of suicides during December.

The Samaritans say the TV program caused suicidal thoughts in record numbers of Brits, with 26 acting on those thoughts and choosing to end it all.

Mrs Brown’s Boys was beaten into second place only by depression, with some experts suggesting the depression in many was actually brought on by the TV show in the first place.


Doctor Boris Knockoneoff, a leading expert in suicide, commented:

That shite the BBC keeps putting out and laughingly calling ‘comedy’ is driving people to kill themselves. It’s a government ploy to thin numbers among the intelligent!

Mrs Brown’s Boys has proved very popular among the mentally insane and the brain dead, even winning a 2016 survey proclaiming it the Best British Sitcom of the 21st Century. This vote showed the British public can’t be trusted to vote on anything, and remains the most ridiculous decision made by a vote in the last 50 years.

The families of the deceased believe Mrs Brown’s Boys should be banned before more intelligent young people are forced to take their own lives.

The MOD is currently working on weaponising Mrs Brown’s Boys and piping it into Afghanistan to battle the Taliban.


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