The nation’s gammons are said to be furious that nobody wants to take ownership for utterly f*cking up the country.

Today saw Dominic Raab, the Brexit Secretary, resign the morning after the proposed trade deal to leave the EU was presented to Cabinet. His refusal to play a role in the UK shooting itself in the foot has middle-aged, ill-educated gammons spitting into their copies of The Sun and Daily Mail.

Gammons now fear they’ll never be able to fulfil their dream, and ‘take are cuntry back’ if everybody who gets near to the plan sees what an absolute shit shower it is and pisses off in the opposite direction.


Ellesmere Port construction worker, Dave (pictured) shouted:

I’m sick of these bloody foreigners telling us English workers what to do and what shape our bananas should be. The sooner we tell ‘em to f*ck off the better.

He continued to splutter:

We voted out, and out means out. Twats.

The 42-year-old gammon, who is being laid off next week due to his construction firm’s loss of foreign investment money, raged:

As soon as we can start spending that £350 million a week on the NHS the better. Not on those foreign doctors mind, the English ones from Engerland.


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