A proposed ban on inbreeding in Ellesmere Port, the last UK town where the practice is permitted, has been heavily defeated in this weekend’s vote.

Locals took to the polls over the weekend to decide whether or not to follow the rest of the UK’s move in 1908 to ban incest, the practice of sexual intercourse between siblings.

It has always been allowed in Ellesmere Port, even though the rest of the UK saw the practice criminalised over 100 years ago.


Campaigners to make the act illegal in Ellesmere Port were soundly defeated in this weekend’s vote by 87% to 13%. Campaigners have criticised the use of online voting for the first time, claiming that the laziest of the town’s deadbeats have been able to vote without missing any Jeremy Kyle.

Sandra Thomas-Jones-Williams, forty-eight, from Little Sutton commented:

It’s great news. We don’t want London telling us where our fellas can put their things. That’s up to us that is.

James Battersby, who spearheaded the campaign to ban inbreeding in Ellesmere Port, was shocked at the result.

This town just wants to die.

What do our readers think of Ellesmere Port’s refusal to ban incest? Do you think it’s morally wrong, or a harmful curse on society? Let us know in the comments below.


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