Locals in Ellesmere Port have been warned by police to be vigilant over a gang of escaped convicts who are believed to be active in the area.

The gang is reported to be extremely dangerous, and they are also armed, though no reports of anyone being shot have come to light. The gang consists of four men, aged between 40 and 60, and they have been sighted in Ellesmere Port driving a black van with a red stripe down the side.

One of the men, a black man with a Mohawk, is described as particularly dangerous. He is believed to be quite easy to spot, due to his side line in running a Cash 4 Gold store around his neck.


The office in charge of the manhunt for the escaped convicts is Colonel Decker. He commented:

These men are extremely dangerous and should not be approached. If you see the men, call Cheshire Constabulary immediately.

He continued:

And whatever you do, under no circumstances should you lock them in a shed full of tools.

If you see the men, or their strangely conspicuous vehicle, you are advised to call Cheshire Constabulary or report it in Pride in the Port on Facebook.


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