Diminutive money-grabber, Raheem Sterling, claims to have already completed the game Tinder as they were announced as Manchester City’s new shirt sleeve sponsor earlier today.

Tinder was in talks with City’s rivals Manchester United to be their shirt sleeve sponsor, but a secret behind the scenes battle between Sterling and Man UTD legend Ryan Giggs to complete Tinder went the way of the former Liverpool player.

Former Chelsea star, John Terry, had completed Tinder last year but his new club, Aston Villa, were ruled out of the sponsorship deal due them being shite.


Tinder broke news of their new sponsorship deal with City earlier today, by launching a giant balloon into the sky. The balloon soared into the air and disappeared faster than Man City’s Champions League hopes.

Tinder believes that the Etihad Stadium, home to the second biggest club in Manchester, is the perfect venue to swipe right on a hot date while you enjoy the peace and quite of a home match.

Tom Glick, the Chief Commercial Officer for Manchester City, commented:

Professional football has always been about hooking up with slappers for meaningless sex. Through our new partnership with Tinder we’re able to offer this to our fans as well.

Speaking at the press conference, Raheem Sterling added:

Tinder? Completed it mate. I’m playing it again on a harder setting. My profile photo has been swapped for Phil Neville.


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