Bronzed TV host, David Dickinson, is enraged at the latest anti-Semitic outburst from Jeremy Corbyn.

In a recent appearance on the breakfast TV show, Saturday Kitchen, Corbyn declared his hatred of Jews once more and, in particular, orange ones such as Mr Dickinson.

The disgusting outburst was even more surprising given the nature of the interview was about Mr Corbyn’s favourite breakfast drinks. Rather than answer the harmless daytime TV question, Corbyn took the opportunity to push his dark ant-Semitic agenda once more.


When asked about breakfast drinks, rather talk about tea or coffee, Mr Corbyn raged:

I really dislike Jews.

The shocked presenter, beloved chef James Martin, was unable to interject before Corbyn elaborated on his hatred of the much-persecuted religious minority and signalled out another TV presenter, antique loving David Dickinson, for special treatment.

I don’t like any sort of Jews really, particularly orange Jews. Makes me feel sick.

The Saturday Kitchen crew and viewers were left STUNNED at Mr Corbyn’s appalling behaviour, and it is believed he will never be invited back on the show again.

Mr Dickinson, star of TV’s Dickinson’s Real Deal, was reportedly FUMING at the anti-Semitic outburst from Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking to the press earlier today, a red-faced Dickinson ranged:

I’m disgusted the man could be so hurtful. And to think I was going to invite him on the Real Deal. Not after this.

A spokesman for Saturday Kitchen was profusely apologetic about the whole ordeal.

We thought Mr Corbyn was coming on to talk about his home-made jam. We’re a light entertainment program, not a platform for racial cleansing.

Mr Corbyn has been unavailable for comment but it looks doubtful how his political career can survive after this latest anti-Semitic slur. The outburst was even more incredulous given the fact that Mr Dickinson isn’t, in fact, even Jewish.


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