An Ellesmere Port man recently bumped into no fewer than SEVENTEEN different people while walking around Cheshire Oaks. Each time he bumped into someone he uttered some form of apology, but was incredulous as to how it had happened despite refusing to face the direction he was walking.

The man spent thirty minutes walking around Cheshire Oaks while looking anywhere but the direction he was facing. Sometimes he would be looking to his left, in a shop window, and sometimes he would be looking behind him talking to his wife. Each time he did so, he clattered into someone either walking the other direction, or stood still.

He also bumped into four people while looking down at his phone while walking.


The man, thirty-six-year-old Roy, from Ellesmere Port, commented:

People keep bumping into me. I wish they’d look where they’re going.

Roy seemed completely unaware that if he faced the direction he was walking, he’d see people coming and be able to avoid them.

Twenty-three-year-old Tina, from Little Sutton, commented:

The guy’s a twat. He thinks he can walk through a packed shopping centre while looking behind him. Of course he’s going to bump into people. It really boils my piss.

Another man, from Chester, added:

If I see him coming towards me I’m going to head straight for the prick and send him flying.

Have you been bumped into by Roy, or someone like him? Do you say sorry even if someone has bumped into you?


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