Sunday ‘jammers’ need to be as naked as nature intended, it has been confirmed.

Last year we reported how this summer’s Ellesmere Port Summer Jam was double-booked on the Saturday with a women’s rights march, so the Saturday was now women only. This caused a lot of controversy, with some men insisting they would still be attending on the Saturday, even though it has been confirmed they will be denied access to avoid offending the women protesting women’s rights.

It appears the organisers have now made another major boob and have double booked the Sunday also… this time with a nudist festival.


This means that anyone hoping to attend the Ellesmere Port Summer Jam on the Sunday this year will have to go naked, or risk being turned away at the entrance.

The event’s organiser, Stephen McMillan, commented:

Someone’s made a massive cock up again, and the Sunday has been double booked with a nudist festival. They were here first so we have to bow to their rules and all go nuddy if we want to jam. Never mind, I’m sure it will go off with a bang regardless.

One person hoping to attend the festival, Alan from Great Sutton, commented:

It’s all gone tits up. The organisers have really dropped the ball on this one. I, for one, am no longer looking forward to the wiener roast.

Giles Thomas, one of the nudists involved with organising the Nudist Festival on the Sunday, commented:

We’d welcome anyone from Ellesmere Port who wants to come along, just so long as they’re dressed as nature intended. We’ll be there as exposed as we were the day we were born. I’m really looking forward to the coconut shy myself.

What do the Bugle’s readers think about the balls up? Will you be attending on the Saturday, when it’s women only, or will you be attending on the Sunday when it’s wedding tackles on show?

It does look as though men are getting a very stiff ride with this year’s Ellesmere Port Summer Jam.


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