The Toys R Us giraffe, known as Geoffrey, was discovered this morning hanged in the Chester branch of the store. Police do not suspect foul play, and believe the giraffe took his own life.

Throughout the existence of Toys R Us, Geoffrey was employed advertising the store across the world and would merrily hum along to the jingle proclaiming ‘there’s millions to see here all under one roof’.

Police believe that, after arriving in the Chester store yesterday morning, Geoffrey was overcome with depression after realising there really wasn’t millions to see there all under one roof. In fact there was pretty much nothing left.


Geoffrey started working for Toys R Us in the 1950s, when he was known as Dr. G Raffe. It wasn’t until much later that his real name of Geoffrey was discovered, and his famous song took hold of a generation of children.

During the 1980s Geoffrey could be seen in TV commercials walking through packed stores, with toys piled up to the ceiling. Friends claimed that Geoffrey loved his work, and loved toys.

In recent weeks, however, branches of Toys R Us have been emptied, with even fixtures and fittings being removed.

It is believed this all proved too much for Geoffrey, who feared he wouldn’t be able to adjust to life after Toys R Us had eventually folded.

No note was left by Geoffrey, and he wasn’t survived by any children.


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