Conformity champion and former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, has appeared on morning television to announce his de-colouring book. The new book hopes to tap into the trend of adults buying colouring books, but with a twist for those who dislike foreigners or people who look a bit different.

Unlike normal colouring books, the de-colouring book comes ‘already coloured in’, and features images of Broken Britain full of different coloured faces. Fans of Tommy need not worry, however, as he’s not gone barmy and released a book about ethnic diversity. On no.

The colour has been added with temporary pencils, and can be ‘erased’ with a supplied rubber. The whole purpose of the de-colouring book is to rub out the coloured faces.


According to the blurb, the de-colouring book offers a ‘therapeutic experience where Aryan enthusiasts can make things white, one page at a time’.

Speaking on daytime TV this morning, Tommy commented:

This book is proper diamond mate. You can rub out all them brown faces and make ‘em white. You know? Like our country should be innit?

The book shows pictures of people of various different ethnic origins in everyday British scenes, such as shopping at the supermarket, dropping their kids off at school and being told to ‘fuck off back to their own fucking country‘ by a racist. Every face in the book has been coloured in with a colour Tommy and his followers don’t want in Britain, and they’re able to whitewash them with the special eraser.

Tommy Robinson’s De-Colouring Book would make a great gift for a racist family member

The book is intended for people who like pubs, fighting, talking about the war, reading the Daily Mail and Brexit.

The book goes on sale at all good book shops from Monday April 23rd, St. George’s Day.


  1. Arian refers to the followers of Arius who was a 4th century theologian who said the Son -second person of Trinty-was crated by the Father as a father begets children. The Catholic position was that the Father and Son and Holy Spirit were of the same substance and this is the view today. Aruis’ s view is seen as a heresy although Jehovah’s Witnesses believe something similar as I understand it.
    The Aryans -the word means Noble-were an indo-European people in northern India in ancient times and most European languages and Persian are related. The 19th century ‘racial theorists’ saw them as the original white and superior race. The term was taken up by the Nazis.
    So they even got that wrong.


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