If your dealer is voted Drug Dealer of the Year 2018 he, or she, will win £1,000 in cash and you will receive £1,000 in the gear of your choice.

Has your drug dealer gone the extra mile for you? Have they let you off paying if you’re hard up? Have they dropped off a gram at 3am when you really need it? If so, now you can show them how much you appreciate them by nominating them for the coveted title of Drug Dealer of the Year 2018.

If your dealer wins the title, they will receive a cash injection of £1,000, tax free, to put towards their business. You will also receive the equivalent amount in the gear of your choice.


The finalists in the competition will meet for a grand dinner, held in London, later in the year. The awards dinner will be hosted by famed drug aficionado Snoop Dogg. The finalists will be able to meet Mr Dogg, and hang with him back stage after the awards dinner where they’ll get to smoke some serious shit.

How do I vote?

You can vote for your favourite drug dealer by tweeting their name, together with the hashtag #DDOTY2018. Let us know you’ve voted by tweeting at us below:

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Who should win?

The award is looking for drug dealers who have gone that extra mile for their punters. This could be, for example:

  • They’ve minded your kids while you’ve gone out to earn some snow money
  • They’ve dumped you outside A&E when you’ve Od’d
  • They’ve provided a urine sample to help you pass a test
  • They’ve helped you move a body

Does this sound like your dealer? If so, let them know you appreciate them by nominating them for Drug Dealer of the Year 2018!

55-year-old Simon, from Ellesmere Port, will be voting for his dealer Wayne

Event organiser, Alex Bostock, believes it’s about time drug dealers got the recognition they deserve in a post Brexit Britain. He commented:

We’re always praising athletes, celebrities and doctors. But what about the nation’s dealers? They’re what really makes this country great. This award is for them, the backbone of Britain!

Remember, if your dealer is extra special and deserves a nomination, use the hashtag #DDOTY2018 on Twitter and mention their name, or tag them in the tweet. Both them, and you, could be partying with Snoop and winning £1,000.


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