An entire family of meerkats has plotted and executed a daring escape from Chester Zoo, it was confirmed earlier today.

According to sources, the meerkats formed a ladder by standing on each other’s shoulders, before they were able to reach the top, and the escapees climbed the ladder to exit over the top wall. The meerkats who formed the ladder were left behind by the escaping family.

As many as seven meerkats are believed to have escaped.


The meerkats have been described as hostile, and the public is advised not to approach them if they see them. The meerkats were last spotted in Ewloe, outside the offices.

A spokesperson for Chester Zoo, commented:

Please do not approach the meerkats. They may seem cute and friendly, but they’re hostile to humans and they protect their pack. Any attempt to approach them, or handle them, could be met with extreme aggression.

It isn’t known why the meerkats chose today to escape, or why they have headed to Ewloe and towards the offices.

The Chester Bugle contacted Compare the Market for comment, and they insisted this was nothing to do with them and it wasn’t the first salvo in a war between the two insurance comparison websites.

The Managing Director of Compare the Market, Mr. Galligan, added:

This is absolutely nothing to do with us. These meerkats have acted of their volition and without any cue from Compare the Market.

The Chairman of the Board of, Bruce Carnegie-Brown, isn’t so sure.

We’ve been expecting this day for some time. We knew having our offices so close to a hoard of meerkats was asking for trouble, like Russia having a missile base in Cuba.

Once again, Cestrians are advised not to approach the meerkats as they are dangerous – although anyone who successfully snaps a selfie with an escaped meerkat will get two-for-one cinema tickets with Compare the Market, we have been advised.


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