Ellesmere Port residents live in the grip of fear of a great mechanical beast that flies through the night skies, spreading terror to the villagers below.

The big metal monster, known as ‘Chopper’, flies over the town once darkness falls and causes widespread panic among the locals, who rally round to warn each other about the terror from above.

It is not known exactly what ‘Chopper’ is, as nobody has ever caught a clear glimpse of the monster. All eye witnesses can report is a strange, repetitive hum of its wings and the bright, glaring light from its single beady eye.


Chopper has been terrorising Ellesmere Port for many year, with locals fearful of its attack. The residents are so frightened of Chopper that they forged an early warning system where they post of its arrival on a Facebook group called Pride in the Port.

The following, chilling, warning was posted to ‘watch out’:

A chilling warning about Chopper from one resident.

The poster of this warning only had time to utter ‘Choppers out’ before its poster ran away and hid.

This frightened soul only had time to warn that ‘Choppers out’ before going into hiding.

Nobody knows what the monster wants, or why it flies through the skies at night. One resident, Donna Attwell of Rugby Road, has a theory:

It wants to eat our children!

At the time of writing, the Bugle is unclear whether Chopper is real, or just a myth – like the Loch Ness Monster – something created to bring tourists to Ellesmere Port.

Donna Attwell is convinced, however:

I’ve seen it devour a whole a horse once!

Have you seen Chopper? Let us know in the comments below.


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