A University of Chester student has announced plans to put in a full hour’s work this term, it has been revealed. The hour of work, if accomplished, will smash the record set by the student for work completed during a full term.

The student, studying one of the really pointless sociology degrees, has announced the plans after being instructed by their course tutor they needed to ‘buck their ideas up’ if they were going to pass. This means that the student intends to increase their effort this term and work hard in order to pass their assessment.

The student estimates a full hour of work will be required over the term in order to achieve this.


The student has no plans for a future career, and believes they’ll probably ‘go travelling or something’ after they’ve finished messing around in university.

A typical day in the student’s university life begins with breakfast around 1pm, before playing some Xbox and heading down to the pub to meet with ‘mates’. Several hours of drinking follows, which usually involves the student getting back to the halls of residence around 2am.

The whole process repeats the next day.

The student hopes to fit this term’s work into a Thursday sometime next week, or the week after. They’re not really sure yet.

Speaking exclusively to the Bugle, the student commented:

Shit. A full hour. Not sure man. Not sure. I’ll try but, priorities right?

The student then headed off for some fancy dress themed pub crawl around Chester.


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