A recent study has discovered that away football fans chanting about libraries, and how quiet the home crowd is, have actually never been in a library.

During this week’s Liverpool v West Brom match, the away support chanted throughout about how quiet Anfield was, and they compared it to being in a library.

However, a survey of the fans after the game unearthed the shocking truth that not one of them had ever entered a library, or even knew where their local library was.


Our reporter was at the game, and he polled the West Brom fans as they left to make the arduous, and ultimately disappointing journey back to Birmingham. The fans were asked:

Have you ever set foot in a library?

Of the 2,000 fans polled, the results were quite shocking. The answers were as follows:

  • 458 – You what mate? F*ck off!
  • 232 – No / No chance
  • 198 – What’s a f*cking library?
  • 123 – Does Blockbuster count?
  • 17 – Out of me way, I’ve got to get back to Birmingham

The rest just didn’t answer.

So there you have it, the next time you hear fans chanting ‘is this a library?’ you can be fairly certain they wouldn’t actually know, and may be genuinely asking.


  1. Ha. What? I did not notice anyone polling us down. How do you say that you caught us all? I’d not noticed you, and I can’t be alone. In fact, I was the main reason for the quiet. If not for me, those wilful blighters’d never shut their gobs. It was a bloody hard task to keep the lot of them quiet when they’re the enemy. To set matters straight, get it right, I’ve seen a library. I frequent Gladstone library. It’s brilliant. Check it out yourself for once. I bet you’ve never trotted into one of the places though, eh? Hypocrite. Bet you’d never do it now, either.


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