Beloved TV celebrity, Paul Burrell, has announced he is to stand for mayor of Ellesmere Port when the current mayor, Peter Rooney, ends his term in May of next year.

Burrell, who became famous as the butler and confident of Princess Diana, has spent the last few years crafting his media career and wooing TV audiences with his integrity and wit. Burrell is loved throughout the country, and hopes to transform that love into votes when he stands for mayor of Ellesmere Port in 2018.

Burrell has often been asked about his special relationship with the Princess, but has never divulged any details of anything they spoke of – except of course for in his books, of which there are many.


Burrell announced his candidacy for the next mayor of Ellesmere Port at the weekend, and hopes the love everyone has for him will carry him forward to victory so that he can serve the nation once more.

Burrell is currently looking for local people to volunteer to help out on his campaign, and hopes to find volunteers via his Twitter page. If you’d like to help out Paul Burrell’s mayoral election campaign, tweet him with the below link.

I want to help Paul Burrell become the next mayor of Ellesmere Port #ThePeoplesMayor @paulburrellrvm Share on X

Paul currently runs a florist in Chester, which’s he’s named Paul Burrell Flowers.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of Paul Burrell running for mayor? Will you support his campaign? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Hold it! Hold up!
    You know full well that that is not true.
    If I wanted to be president, I would be president, as Dianna would have blessed me the right. As her rock, she would have been happy for it.
    But I did not. I was not becoming president. I was busy helping her. I had to support her. I could not spend time on side jobs like presidency! I had no few hours a day to spare for it. If I did, I would have made sure to help Dianna during those times. I would have found a way. Alright?
    So stop with the fake news. I am reporting this to my counsellor, and you know what? They are going to do something about it. I know they will. They helped me once, then twice, and this will be a third time.


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