A light dusting of snow this weekend allowed Merseyrail to open up a seldom used chapter in their excuses manual. The much-maligned train operator normally has to use excuses such as ‘there were no drivers’, ‘there was a technical fault’ or just simply ‘we cancelled it because it was late’.

However, the snowfall this weekend offered up a whole new chapter of excuses from which they could draw upon.

Excuses such as ‘it was the wrong kind of snow’, ‘the rails are a bit icy’ and ‘the drivers are having a snowball fight’ were all used this weekend as excuses for cancelled trains.


Jan Chaudhry, Merseyrail MD, commented:

We love it when it snows as we get to use lots of new excuses. We’ve been running out of usual excuses so this snowfall was very well timed.

Merseyrail recently asked passengers to suggest new excuses for their poor service, using the Twitter hashtag #Merseyfail. This campaign proved a huge success with hundreds of excuses being sent in by Merseyrail’s long-suffering customers.

Did you hear any good snow related excuses for poor train service this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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