Cheshire West and Chester Council is pleased to announce that Ellesmere Port has just confirmed a second town twinning arrangement, with LazyTown, in Iceland. LazyTown is a fictional town and children’s TV series, which was aired on Nickelodeon and CBeebies.

The inhabitants of LazyTown are very lazy, and opt to stay in all day on their couches and play video games. When eight-year-old Stephanie moves to LazyTown, she tries to get the locals to go out and play, and lead more active lifestyles.

A spokesman for Cheshire West and Chester Council commented how Ellesmere Port and LazyTown have a lot in common, so a twinning arrangement was the obvious choice.


The chief executive for Cheshire West and Chester Council, Steve Robinson, said:

Everyone just sits around doing nothing all day. They’re all really lazy. And I’ve heard LazyTown is very similar.

The twinning arrangement will see children from both Ellesmere Port and LazyTown offered  student exchanges, but they’re unlikely to bother going as they’re all so very lazy.

LazyTown marks the second town twinning arrangement, the first is with Reutlingen in Germany.


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