A Chester man has just bought the Christmas booze for the third time, we can reveal.

The man, from Blacon, has just filled up his car with a selection of beers from Morrisons in Chester. The beers include a variety of pale ales and IPAs, all of which were on some form of multi-buy offer – giving him the misguided sense of a bargain.

This purchase represents the third time he has bought ‘the Christmas booze’ and, once again, insists this alcohol will last him through to Christmas Day, and beyond.


However, his wife knows full well it won’t and will probably be gone by the weekend, just as happened the last two times he bought the Christmas booze. The first time he bought the Christmas booze, it lasted three days before he had completely wiped it out. The second time lasted a little longer, but only because he was on a weekend ‘session’ out in Chester. Once he had returned home the Christmas booze was obliterated in under 36 hours.

When interviewed by the Bugle, the man (who refused to be named) stated:

This is definitely it. I’m not touching this until Christmas Eve.

When loading his car, he added:

I might just have this one Shipyard American Pale Ale tonight though, just to try it.

A spokesman for Morrison commented:

He’ll back on Tuesday.


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