A man has been intensely watching beach volleyball for the past four hours, but doesn’t have any idea who is winning – it has been revealed. Furthermore, he is utterly clueless to the rules, the scoring system or indeed the competition being played for.

Brad Thomas, from Chester, has been sat in his living room all evening staring, transfixed, at the beach volleyball being shown on Eurosport but is without a clue as to what is happening.

Mr Thomas is aware, however, that the GB pairing of Zara Dampney and Lucy Boulton are playing, and he does know quite a bit about them. He has reduced his iPhone battery to just 7% Googling both players, ‘researching’ them, and which magazines they have performed photo shoots for.


Mr Thomas now classes himself as a staunch fan of beach volleyball, despite not understanding the game, and plans to watch the following day’s play, assuming his wife is out once again.


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