The presence of the police helicopter in Ellesmere Port causes utter commotion every time it takes to the air, it has been confirmed. The helicopter strikes fear and alarm in local residents as they marvel at the strange noise overhead.

Whenever the police helicopter patrols over Ellesmere Port, whether looking for a suspect, responding to an emergency or simply patrolling, local residents act in panic at the presence of the scary metal whirly bird. They take to social networking website, Facebook, to announce sightings of the police helicopter as though they were reporting on the movements of alien invaders.

The residents speculate on what the strange noise could be, and why it exists, warning others of its presence.


The fear also causes local residents to lose all capacity for sentence structure, with sightings of the hulking bladed beast reported using terms such as ‘choppers up’ and ‘wots chopper up too’.

Phil Bracegirdle, a pilot with the local police force, commented:

It’s hilarious. Sometimes we just fly the helicopter overhead while checking Pride in the Port to see how the scared village folk react. You’d think they’d seen a dragon or something.

One local resident, Tracey Marie, from Rochester Drive, spoke to the Bugle from under her tinfoil hat. She commented:

I saw it take a child once. Whoosh, it went. Up in the air.

She left, muttering to herself over and over again:

Chopper’s out… chopper’s out… chopper’s out.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of the chopper? Have you seen it? Does it scare you too?


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