The Ellesmere Port tip has been voted the third best day out for local residents, in a recent survey, it has been revealed.

The tip was narrowly beaten by the Blue Planet Aquarium (second) and drinking at home in the garden (first).

The tip features such attractions as the ‘Bank of Bottles’ – an exhibit dedicated to the drinkers of Ellesmere Port, the ‘Fridge Museum’ – featuring some of the classic models of fridge over the decades, and the ‘Skip of Cardboard’ – a truly spectacular attraction showing everything local residents have bought in the last few weeks.


Regular tip-goers say The Skip of Cardboard is not to be missed just after Christmas, as it shows a real snapshot of the Christmases local residents have enjoyed.

The tip has become so popular that some residents have taken to local Facebook group Pride in the Port to advertise ‘Tip Runs’, where they pick up interested parties from their homes and give them a full guided tour of the tip. Tip Runners, as they’re known, take in all the sights of the tip, including the Fridge Museum, before winding up in the newly constructed gift shop. Once there they can purchase items deemed too good to throw away by the staff, but not good enough for their own homes.

The Ellesmere Port Tip Gift Shop

The gift shop also sells branded fridge magnets featuring such slogans as “If you ain’t tipping, you ain’t living” and “Tippers do it on a Sunday”.

Fun for all the family!

Local resident, Sheila Barnes, told the Bugle:

I love a trip to the tip me. Seeing what other people throw away is better than tele. Always pick up a bargain too.

Sheila went on to add:

The surly woman in the gift shop is the best bit. She’s hilarious and never breaks character.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of the tip? Have you been? Have you bought anything from the gift shop? let us know in the comments below.


  1. Sounds a cool place, I may just have to drive across country to see this spectacular and hopefully take some selfies with some of the displays. I do hope there’s a garden centre area for Christmas trees too. I’ve never been to Ellesmere Port but I’m sure my car will know the way as it came out of the factory there last February.


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