This year’s The X Factor competition has been thrown into turmoil after finalist Kevin Davey White has returned to France, amid demands from the EU during the negotiations for Brexit.

The EU insisted on the return of the soulful singer, back to his homeland of France, claiming that the UK could not have him any longer as they didn’t wish to remain in the EU. The singer was reportedly distraught at the decision, but understood the reasoning behind it. He bid a tearful farewell to his other contestants, and his mentor Nicole Scherzinger, this morning.

Welsh singer Lloyd Macey will return to The X Factor house in place of Kevin Davey White for this weekend’s final.


The president of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, announced the decision over the weekend. He stated:

We are very sorry for Kevin, but the decision is made. He is coming home. The UK wants out, it can’t have our music acts.

The X Factor supremo, Simon Cowell, is said to be seeking a legal challenge to the decision but it is unlikely anything could be done before Saturday’s final.



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