In another swipe at the UK’s decision to vote for Brexit, the EU has ordered three of the four big UK supermarkets to stop baking French products in the stores. Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons have all been ordered to stop making the French products in their stores, and instead must import the products directly from France.

The decision was made to ensure French trade wasn’t harmed as the UK bids to leave the EU.

The EU doesn’t want to stop UK shoppers from eating French products, but it does want to ensure those products are actually French, and not something masquerading as being French.


The supermarket chain Asda is not included in the decree, and can continue selling French stick, pain au chocolate and croissants it has produced in its bakery. The reason for Asda not being included comes from them having a US parent company, Walmart. The EU President, Jean-Claude Juncker, commented:

We like America and have good trade with them. Therefore we’re happy for U.S.-owned Asda to continue making French products in its stores.

The stores have one week to comply with the decision, or will face heavy fines handed down from Brussels.



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