Merseyrail, the occasional operator of train services around Liverpool, Chester and Ellesmere Port, has asked passengers to suggest new excuses for their terrible service.

Train passengers have often been left stranded by Merseyrail’s constant disruptions to services, and excuses such as strikes, train breakdowns, signal failures, track faults and, of course, leaves on the line have been frequently used.

A personal favourite among passengers is that a train has been cancelled because of the late running of the previous train, creating a domino effect of incompetence.


However, Merseyrail is running short of excuses and is asking its passengers to chip in with suggestions they can use in future disruptions.

Jan Chaudhry, the managing director for Merseyrail, announced the scheme earlier this week. In a press statement he commented:

We’re really awful, and we’re running out of excuses. We’d like our long-suffering passengers to help us out a bit in the excuses department.

Speaking of excuses department – Merseyrail has just formed a new Excuses Department which is spearheading the campaign to find new excuses, and the idea to ask passengers is part of that campaign.

The campaign asks passengers to tweet their excuses directly to Merseyrail, using the hashtag #Merseyfail

Some of the excuses suggested by passengers so far include:

  • The driver’s sandwiches had the crusts left on
  • A passenger on the train was allergic to Birkenhead
  • The rain was wetter than usual

Do you have any excuses for Merseyrail? Why not let them know via Twitter, or post them in the comments below?


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