One of the admins of a popular Facebook group has admitted to becoming sexually aroused every time he deletes a post. The man, who chose not to be named, says he gets such a thrill from deleting posts he’s become hooked on doing it, and deletes several posts a minute just to feed his addiction.

Members of the group are said to be flummoxed as to why their posts keep getting deleted, but this revelation makes everything clearer.

The Facebook group admin admits to having very little else in his life, and lives for deleting posts. It’s what gets him up in the morning and keeps him up late at night.


The man commented to the Bugle earlier today:

My job’s a bit shit. I have no friends and my family don’t particularly like me. I don’t care though, it’s all about deleting posts for me.

When asked why he deletes an entire post, including the whole comment thread, instead of just deleting an offending comment he confirmed it’s the thrill of deleting everything that turns him on.

I wait until there’s loads of comments and engagement, and then I swoop in and shut that shit down. If the post has more than 100 comments, the boner it gives me is raging.

Members of the group have often complained about their posts being deleted, but to no avail. The moderators in charge have, so far, refused to enter into discussions about it.

One member, Jonathan Thomas, stated:

I’m fumin (sic). I posted that my dog went missing and sum (sic) idiot had a go sayin (sic) I shud (sic) of (sic) kept my g8 (sic) shut. Then the post woz (sic) deleted. Makes me sik (sic).

Have you had a post deleted by a Facebook group admin? Did it break the rules, or did the admin delete it because of the trouser tingle it gives him? Let us know in the comments below.


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