During last night’s football match on BT Sport, Chester-born Michael Owen was shocked to find a gran missed a sitter.

The insomnia-curing commentator is used to seeing top-flight footballers miss open goals, and would often comment how his gran could have scored them. The tables were well and truly turned in last night’s match where the monotone mumbler was shocked to find a gran missed a sitter.

Eighty-six-year-old Ethel Davies missed a tap in when through on goal, to which the comatose commentator quipped:


That’s shocking. A mid-level Premier League player could have scored that.

Owen went on to add:

If she’d scored, it would have been a goal.

Viewers of BT Sport have had the pleasure of Owen’s insightful commentary for several years now, with the Chester Born snooze-merchant always being first to point out the most obvious analysis for every incident.

Some of Owen’s finest observations can be seen below:

Meanwhile, Ethel Davies received a one match ban attempting to bribe an official with a Werther’s Original.


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