A Chester couple, Martha and Mark Macintosh, have commented on their excitement at purchasing a £300 TV from Brighthouse for a total cost of £917.

The couple went shopping for a new TV last week in Ellesmere Port, but were put off by the cheap prices on Cheshire Oaks and in Argos. They were looking for a cheap brand TV, nothing too good like a Sony or Panasonic, and they ideally wanted to pay at least three times what the TV was worth.

A Brighthouse store, today.

Martha Macintosh believed their quest would be in vain as they strolled around the Port Arcades, but was delirious when she found a Brighthouse store.


It was exactly what I was looking for.

Exclaimed Martha.

They had this really low quality make TV, one I’ve never heard of, up for £300. All they wanted for it was £917. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Her husband, Mark, was equally ecstatic about finding the anti-bargain.

People are always on the lookout to find something cheaper these days. Not us.

Commented Mark

We wanted to pay way over the odds for absolute crap. Thank you Brighthouse.

Other shoppers haven’t been so enthused at Brighthouse’s policy of selling goods for two or three times the price, however. It was today announced that the firm would have to repay £14.8 million in charges to 249,000 of its customers.

The CEO of Brighthouse, Hamish Paton, commented:

We sincerely apologise to those customers who were affected. Our top priority is to ensure that they are reimbursed as soon as possible.

The Macintosh’s have declined to have any of their money refunded, however. They’re delighted with their low quality TV for three times the price.


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