Bryn Thomas, from Chester, lasted almost 12 hours into October 2nd without consuming alcohol for the month. He had planned, as he does every year, to stay ‘Sober for October’ in a bid to improve his health, finances and general overall image. However Bryn fell short of his target once again when a colleague suggested a ‘few pints’ over lunch.

Bryn hasn’t been seen since.

Getting to noon on the second day represents Bryn’s best attempt at Sober for October since he first started the challenge four years ago. His previous best was two years ago, when he lasted until 8pm on October 1st before sinking a swift nine pints while watching the football down his local, The Bear and Billet.


Bryn’s wife, Chester born Sacha, spoke of how proud she is of her husband. She commented exclusively to the Bugle earlier today:

Bryn’s a bloody star to make it this far. I never thought he’d manage it. What a total hashtag ledge.

Sacha isn’t expecting Bryn to return home until around 3am, after he’s properly celebrated his Sober for October success.

Despite only making it to noon on the second day of October, Bryn is believed to be the most successful Welshman to ever undertake the challenge.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of Bryn’s success? Have you attempted to stay Sober for October? Sound off in the comments below.


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