Cersei and Jamie Lannister hit out a parent group this week that branded their parenting skills ‘as bad as the McCanns’.

The parent group Mumsnet this week launched a scathing attack on the Lannisters for their poor parenting skills, skills which have seen all three of their children killed. The parent group, made up of judgemental mothers, attacked the Lannisters for failing to safeguard their three children in Westeros.

The parent group went on to say that the Lannisters’ actions made them just as bad as the McCanns, who famously left their three children alone while they went out for dinner – and their eldest child has never been found.


Queen of Westeros, Cersei Lannister, was particularly hurt by the comments from Mumsnet. She told the Bugle.

It’s an outrage. I will have them all killed for this.

We can’t publish the rest of her comments as they’re quite threatening in tone, but the suggestion she’s anything like Kate McCann has affected her pretty badly.

Her brother, and father of their three deceased children, Jamie, was calmer with his comments. He accepts they haven’t been the greatest parents, but he too vigorously denies they are as bad as the McCanns.

He told the Bugle:

Yes our children were the product of incest. Yes we let our eldest get away with murder until he was poisoned in front of us.

He speaking of their first son, Joffrey, who was poisoned at his own wedding.

Jamie continued:

We gave our own daughter to one of our most bitter enemies to protect her, and they killed her. Yes we drove our youngest son to suicide by killing his wife and her family, but we are NOTHING like the McCanns.

Upon hearing the response from the Lannisters, parent group Mumsnet did concede it perhaps went a bit far in branding the Lannisters as bad as the McCanns.

We telephoned the McCanns to ask them for a comment on this story, but they were out to dinner.


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