Film fans at a recent screening at the Vue Cinema, Cheshire Oaks, were left enthralled by a man from Birkenhead who talked right the way through the movie. The man, who one viewer claimed was named ‘Steve’, chatted to his mate Baz from the initial advertisements, through the previews and right the way through the whole film.

One cinema goer, Laura from Neston, feared Steve would stop talking once the film started, but she was delighted to find that the Birkenhead lad’s tales lasted the entire the film.

“He told us about his ma, his dog Gunther and this bird he bagged off with last Tuesday. It was incredible.”

Other movie lovers were equally enthused by Steve’s take on the world, and on his occasional commentary on the action taking place on the screen. Ian, a carpenter from Ellesmere Port, told the Bugle how he had dreaded going to the cinema with his wife and had no interest in the film at all, but Steve made the whole affair worthwhile.


“Steve was a godsend. The film was utter tripe, but Steve kept his stories going until the end credits and I couldn’t get enough of him. Worth the £15 each I’d say!”

We asked the Vue for comment on whether Steve would be available for other screenings, but so far they have declined to give a response.

Were you in the cinema with Steve? Are you Steve? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



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