A new up-market fashion brand, recently opened in Cheshire Oaks, has caused uproar among locals by telling some shoppers they are “too ugly to enter”.

The store, which requested not to be named, opened this month in Cheshire Oaks and aims its products at young, trendy people – according to a sign in the window. In order to ensure only ‘young, trendy people’ purchase their items the store has positioned ‘retail enforcers’ on the door to pre-approve anyone before they enter.

Jade Buxton, from Stanney Lane, was denied access by the store’s judgemental staff. She commented to the Bugle:


“I was disgusted I was. I went in there with me kids and was told to get out. When I asked why they said it was because I was fat, and my face looked like a box of fresh roadkill.”

The controversial move hasn’t caused upset among all shoppers, with some people welcoming the move. Tara Jayne-Symmonds, a person trainer from Neston, was delighted with the store’s policy. She told the Bugle:

“I think it’s great. There’s nothing worse than buying a nice top and then seeing some fat heffer wearing the same thing when you go out. Keep it thin I say”.

What do you think of the store’s ‘no ugly people’ approach? Have you shopped there? Let us know in the comments.

Annoyed shoppers
Shoppers, refused entry to new Cheshire Oaks premium fashion brand


  1. Funny cause often with the younger shoppers it’s the “fat, roadkill faced”mother’s spending the money. Prejudice at its worst but at least I can keep my money to spend elsewhere. Who wants to be that fake? A I always say .. I’d rather be fat than a bitch.

  2. Don’t really care… people who think they are the sum total of what they wear or look like deserve to be with one another. I’m not really interested…


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